• I wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts at the APPG for Diabetes with regards to diabetes specialist nurses. I find your comments about the fact that diabetes patients have so many things to think about and therefore technology could make it easier to manage on a daily basis fascinating... We received a lot of positive feedback regarding the event and our speakers. We hope to see you at one of our events soon. Please stay in touch with us.  Rt.Hon Keith Vaz MP, chair of APPG for Diabetes


  • In memory of XX deceased on your ward on behalf of the family, I would like to extend my thanks for care and support of my mother XX during the final weeks of her life... 

  • Very professional and caring doctor with manners that make you feel you are in hands of an expert who respects your choices! Finally felt I was understood and I was given enough information to decide to take some of the tablets that were previously given to me like smarties. Thank you for your kindness and patience, Dr Pokrajac

  • I am very grateful to Dr Pokrajac. She listened carefully and helped me make sense of my diabetes results and what caused them. After the consultation I felt confident knowing what to do, when and where to go for help when needed.

Dr Ana Pokrajac MD MSc FRCP